Worshiping God and Thanking Jesus

Extreme Times call for Extreme Measures

We live in a culture that is currently stuck in extreme’s.  You are either extremely left or right, extremely for or against, it is all the way, or nothing at all attitude.  We argue over matters of opinion because we have learned that Truth is no longer trustworthy.  See, when someone espouses a truth it is usually their version of truth, and not truth.  When we turn on the Internet, or TV and see people arguing over an issue, they present their 3 “facts”, then in turn, this person will present their 3 “facts”.  Therefore, who’s facts are truth?  No wonder our society doesn’t trust anymore, and therefore have turned to extremes, because they must be right and no one else.  “My truth is the only truth that matters!”

How do we find truth and right?  Where is the place to begin to combat the extremes of today?  The obvious answer for us as Christians is there is only one truth and that is the Bible.  Are we brave enough to espouse those truths?  To combat the extremes, we must silence all the noise of this life.  Too many people with too many opinions.  To find this truth of God’s Word, and to know when and how to use it takes being still with God Psalm 46:10. Too many people with too many opinions about God’s Word has led to extremes in the Christian world as well.  Be still with God, know that he is there, and then begin to pray for wisdom, and answers.  “Lord Grant us the Wisdom to know how to answer the extreme times we live in today!” Let us spend time with the Bible daily, and in quiet time with God.  These Extreme Times call for an Extreme Measure. That Extreme Measure is praying for wisdom for the right words to speak, and the boldness of action to get in the fight.

Christians can no longer afford to be silent but we must speak through our actions, using the Extreme Sacrificial Love of Christ.  People no longer trust what we say, because they don’t trust what anyone says, but they will trust if they see love and compassion.  Genuine care and concern for people! Hebrews 13:1-3 At that point, the Gospel can be shared, truth and righteousness can be found.  It starts and ends with extreme love!  The love we saw as Jesus walked this earth, the kind we find at the cross, is the love we must show!  We get that kind love by having a relationship with Him through prayer and knowing His desires for us through His Word.  Extreme Times calls for Extremely Loving People of Christ to love at all times in all circumstances!!

Grace and Peace,
Jason Butler
Pulpit Minister
Highland Village Church of Christ