Worshiping God and Thanking Jesus

Home Sweet Home

When we started to search for a church to minister at next, one of the requirements for us was to find a true church family.  The church we worked with at Corpus showed us the importance of being a family, and not just a group of people meeting together on Sunday Morning.  As we interviewed around, it was evident that Highland Village has those qualities.  Little did any of us know how much that would be tested in our first month here.  The Highland Village family has sustained quite a traumatic number of events over this past month.  We have dealt with the nervousness of hiring a new preacher, the death of members, and the challenges that come with change.  Throughout each death and challenge it is evident that Highland Village is a loving family of God, ready to come together as an Acts 2 church.  Our family has personally felt that togetherness, through all the calls, emails, texts, and visits made by this family of God.  This togetherness that we have will sustain us through all the ups and downs of life on this earth.  I am glad to know that we have a family of God standing with us when it is hard to stand.  We have a family that will cry, laugh, mourn, and rejoice with us!!  Thank you, Highland Village, for each member and visitor alike being part of the family!

Grace and Peace
Jason Butler
Highland Village Church of Christ