Worshiping God and Thanking Jesus

The power of prayer is a wonderful gift from God. It gives us the ability to both communicate and have a personal relationship with Him. On this page we are offering you to make a request for prayers from our congregation. It takes no effort — all you have to do is fill out the short form below, click on ‘Send’ and your message will be received by the Highland Village staff.

“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” (Luke 18:1)

Let’s pray for…

David & Matthew Fuller – recovering from high fevers due to viruses.
Linda Williams – is in Park Bend Rehab, Room 414B having dialysis.
Sharon Davis – Keith’s niece, is at home and doing well.
Tecia Bartenicich – Stephanie’s aunt has been admitted to hospital to be treated for depression.
Angel Fuller – is having significant dental work done.
Shirlee Parker – Angel Fullers mother is waiting to have a hip replacement and is anxious about the surgery. So, prayers for assurance, healing, guidance, and peace of mind. Angel will go to be with her following her dental work.
Charlie Vasquez – young man in ministry with burnout.
Andrew Russell – job interview.
Kendall & Ella – remember the baby we were praying for while in the womb? She has been born and God has answered prayers. She is strong enough for the doctors to put off surgery to repair her heart. Give thanks!  Her parents are actually allowed to hold her.
Debbie Gustafson -chemo continues.
Kathy Fogle – is home resting before beginning radiation on her tongue, November 14th.
Neighbors – prayers for those that walk through our yard or come to visit us that we may be able to reach their hearts with God’s Word.
Highland Village families – dealing with family, health and spiritual issues.
The Lost – souls seeking the truth and those trying to  show them.

and remember to keep praying for…

Harry Akin
Terry Britton
Matthew Butler
Wynell Bell
Jay Burcham
Mary Cogburn
Becky Corbin
Margaret Corbell
John Cravens
Joe & Nancy Donley
JD Davis
Kendall & Baby
Nancy Donley
Martha Everhart
Robert Fleming Sr.
Kathy Fogle
Kendall & Ella Gardner
Debbie Gustafson
Tannis Harbors
Bill Hood
Ever Johnson
Rick Laing
Glen & Jo Martin
Jon & Barbie Martin and baby
William Mitchell
Donnis & Sarah Moore
Marlene Napoli & family
Jeannie O’Brian
Greyson Prewett
Matt Prewett and family
Katy Rollo
Linda Siebert
Richard Steele
Amanda Stewart
Edna Walling
Cathey Williams
Linda Williams
Keith Williamson
Helen Young

Ask Us For Prayers