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Read the (Entire) Bible in 2018!

2018 promises to be a year of renewal for Highland Village. As part of your personal renewal, let me encourage you to make it a goal to read your entire Bible, cover to cover, this coming year. If you’ve never done this, it can be a rewarding challenge as you read familiar verses and passages in their original context—and as you make special discoveries in passages you’ve never read before. If you’re already reading through the Bible on a regular basis, you can testify to the insights you gain with each re-reading.
The best way to do this is to have a daily Bible-reading plan, and to help you with this, we’ll be publishing a monthly calendar of readings for each day that will take you from Genesis straight through Revelation. The January calendar, printed below, covers Genesis 1 through Leviticus 13, beginning with God’s creation work and plan of redemption, the early heroes of faith, God’s deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt and their initial steps in learning of God’s power and holiness. As the calendar shows, each day’s reading covers 2-4 chapters—an amount that many of us should be able to fit into our schedules.
BOLO (Be on the Lookout) Verse: In this month’s readings, watch for this verse that includes the following quote: “If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you.” Who said it? To whom?
I hope you’ll make this daily Bible reading plan one of your resolutions for 2018. It will bless you in many ways!

John Williams


                                              BIBLE READING SCHEDULE: JANUARY 2018
 1 Gen. 1-2  2 Gen. 3-5  3 Gen. 6-9  4 Gen. 10-11  5 Gen. 12-15  6 Gen. 16-19
 7 Gen. 20-22  8 Gen. 23-26  9 Gen. 27-29 10 Gen. 30-32 11 Gen. 33-36 12 Gen. 37-39 13 Gen. 40-42
14 Gen. 43-46 15 Gen. 47-50 16 Ex. 1-4 17 Ex. 5-7 18 Ex. 8-10 19 Ex. 11-13 20 Ex. 14-17
21 Ex. 18-20 22 Ex. 21-24 23 Ex. 25-27 24 Ex. 28-31 25 Ex. 32-34 26 Ex. 35-37 27 Ex. 38-40
28 Lev. 1-4 29 Lev. 5-7 30 Lev. 8-10 31 Lev. 11-13  


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